Turkish for Kids and Teens

From our classroom in Brooklyn

In-person classes

 We are specialized in teaching Turkish. We offer both online   and in-person classes. We carefully select our teachers and   train them. They have experience working with kids/ teens or   teaching to kids.  Our focus is to make our little students like   Turkish. Please check out our teacher profiles on the “Our Team” page.

Both our online and in-person group classes are 10 weeks/ 1hr long.  We offer trimester and a Summer camp. You can join any semester during the school year. We also offer free online and in-person activities. If you prefer private lessons, we offer them as well. 


Online classes

Our online classes have maximum of 4 students and in-  person classes have 6 students. We use cultural aspects, songs and various materials and books during our classes and make learning fun!


Motivation is very important in learning process. Click here to learn some tips on “How to motivate our kids to learn Turkish.”

Pictures from our events 2022/2016

SEMESTER DATES (Tri-semester/10 weeks)

  • Semester 1 FALL
    September 27th
  • Semester 2 WINTER
    January 4th
  • Semester 3 SPRING
    April 3rd
  • Summer Camp
  • TBD

We are available to offer any levels for any age between the hour slots below. To help us determine their level, please fill out this form here.


Fall semester starts on Wednesday September 27th. Each semester is 10 weeks long.
WED. 3:30pm EST -Beginner Ages 5-7
WED 4:30pm EST -Beginner Ages 8-10
WED 5:30pm EST -Beginner Ages 5-7
THU. 3:30 pm EST  Beginner Ages 8-10
THU. 4:30 pm EST Beginner Ages 10-13
THU. 5:30 pm EST Advanced Beginner Ages 8-10
WEEKENDS 9:30-10:30/10:30-11:30/11:30-12:45 These time slots are also available for any level and age group. Let us know if you are interested in any.


Fall semester starts on Wednesday September 27th. Each semester is 10 weeks long.

WED 5:30pm Beginner Ages 13-16 MANHATTAN
SAT 10:00am EST Beginner Ages 5-7 BROOKLYN
SAT 11:15am EST Beginner Ages 8-10 BROOKLYN
SAT 12:30pm EST High Beginner Ages 10-12 BROOKLYN
SUN 10:00am EST Beginner Ages 5-7 BROOKLYN
SUN 11:15am EST High Beginner Ages 8-10 BROOKLYN
SUN 12:30pm EST Beginner Ages 10-12 BROOKLYN
WEEKENDS: We can open more classes in Manhattan depending on demand.


Park Slope/Brooklyn: 261 13th street, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Manhattan: 31 East 32nd street, NYC, NY 10016