Our Teaching Philosophy

Online classes for all around North America, and in-person classes in NYC!

Teaching Turkish is fun for us, and we would like you to feel the same enjoyment while learning Turkish with us.
Our main goal is communication and interaction. We offer various levels and our curriculum is well developed and structured. Our focus is to give individual attention to each student that is why our online classes are limited to max 6 students. Our in-person and online events bound students and teachers and create a nice sense of class environment.

Please check our updated schedule HERE. Email us for more information at [email protected]


We cannot emphasize more how experienced teachers and a structural curriculum are important in language learning.  All our teachers are certified language educators and they are trained by Turkish ConneXion. Click HERE to learn more about us? 

Please be aware that not everyone who speaks Turkish can teach Turkish. If you want a pleasant and clear start with your language experience, pick your teachers carefully. Come and observe our class and we know you will continue with us. We are a language school, not an online learning platform and we proudly differentiate it. HERE is our small video.

We always suggest group learning because dynamics and motivation are different in group settings but we understand schedule difficulties, so we offer various options for you. We not only offer adult classes, but we offer kids and teens classes as well.

For long term learning goals, we suggest you join our “group classes”. If your goal is to learn the language to be fluent, this is the best way to go. Most of our students really enjoy the group classes and they continue together. Motivation is much stronger with a group. Each semester, we offer free online conversation clubs every week for each level and online/in-person cultural events for our group students only. (16hrs class time+8 hrs conversation club+ cultural events)

For travelers who would like to learn some basic Turkish before they travel to Turkey, our 5 hours “Tourist package” will be perfect for you. We will teach you pronunciation, basics and Turkish culture and customs. 

If your schedule is crazy and need individual time and attention or some additional support to your group classes, “individual packages” will be a great fit for you.

We also offer group and individual classes for kids and teens. Please see the options below. You can also visit our KIDS and TEENS page HERE.  

Please pick the package that applies to you the most and send us the form. We will get back to you with more information within 24 hrs.

You can also email us at [email protected]ishconnexion.com  or call at 845-401-6290 for more information.


Online Group Classes

8 weeks/24 hrs

16 hrs class
8 hrs optional conversation club Online/in-person cultural events
7 students max

In-person Classes

8 weeks/24 hrs

16 hrs in-person class
8 hrs online conversation club
Online/in-person cultural events
7 students max

During the Day

8 weeks/24 hrs

16 hrs online class
8 hrs conversation clubs/events
7 students max. Will be open based on demand


Private lessons

Arrange your own time!

10 hrs packages OR pay for each


Tourist package

Get ready before your trip!

5 hours packages
Learn basics and culture

Conversation only

Improve your speaking skill!

5 hours packages

For elementary & above levels only.


Kids Online Group Classes

36 weeks/72 hrs

36 hrs online class
36 hrs playtime/speaking time
4 students max

Kids In-person group classes

36 weeks/81 hrs

45 hrs in-person class
36 hrs playtime/speaking time
7 students max

Kids Individual online classes

10 weeks/15 hrs

10 hrs online private class
5 hrs online playtime/speaking time with other kids

Questions? Please email us at [email protected]

Midtown, NYC / 347-903-8979 / [email protected]