Our Teaching Philosophy

We offer all-online, semi-online and in-classroom classes. 

Teaching Turkish is fun for us, and we would like you to feel the same enjoyment while learning Turkish with us.
Our main goal is communication and interaction. We offer customized levels, small classes, weekly assignments, free supplementary materials, and cultural activities outside of class.

Please check our updated schedule here. Email us for more information at office@turkishconnexion.com

Application & Fees

Our Turkish language courses will teach you everything you need to know, whether you want to become fully fluent in Turkish
or just get by on your next trip abroad.

Free authentic supplementary materials, customized levels, small classes,weekly assignements, tests, games, presentations, and monthly cultural activities outside of class.

Email us at office@turkishconnexion.com for more information.

All-online classes

$ 380

8-week semester
You can join from all over the world

Semi-online classes

$ 400

8-week semester
One week online, one week in-class

In-classroom classes

$ 430

8-week semester
in our Tribeca location

Classes for kids

$ 400

10-week semester
1 hr per week

Private lessons

$ 65

Individual attention on your time
$65/hr for online lessons
$70/hr for in-classroom lessons

English Classes

$ 380

8 week semester
2 hrs per week

Questions? Please email us at office@turkishconnexion.com

141 West Broadway New York, NY 10013 / 347-903-8979 / office@turkishconnexion.com