Turkish Classes for Europe and Middle East

At Turkish Connexion, we have been offering in-class group sessions since 2014. We started in NYC, Tribeca and we switched our classes to  all-online starting March 2020. Our students have enjoyed their on-line experience so much that we decided to open them to Europe and Middle East. Now we are offering this great experience to not only the US but also to Europe, the Middle East and surrounding regions.

Please check our reviews and profiles if you would like to know more about our classes. We are very proud of the quality of education we provide and we would like you to experience that.Our teachers are native Turkish speakers and all are either bilingual or trilingual. They are all language teachers with expertise in teaching Turkish.

Our classes are very interactive and we use as much Turkish as possible in our teaching method. English is used to explain some complex sentence structures and vocabulary, but the use of English becomes less and less as our students advance.

Please review our Language Level descriptions and contact us with a description of your current level. Please also include your location so that we can arrange the best time for your group classes.
If you prefer private lessons, we can also provide that.

For more information, please check our home page and  email us at [email protected]