Our Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Turkish is fun for us, and we would like you to feel the same enjoyment while learning Turkish with us.

We have developed a curriculum specifically designed for English speakers to learn Turkish most efficiently. We offer 4 main levels: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate/Advance. In order to be proficient in each level, students needs to complete different number of semesters depending on the level. We believe this allows students more time for practice in class. We support our main course books with additional materials and classroom activities, so that students can use what they learn in various practical ways.

Unlike traditional Turkish language teaching programs, we believe in using structure and grammar as a tool to teach the four major communicative skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. We emphasize in using these skills interactively. We don’t want students to just memorize; we want them to actually use the language. What we do, enables students to think in Turkish and practice what they learn in a fun and friendly environment.

We reviewed level structures from various schools and language courses. The numbers of hours can vary widely. Using our years of experience in the field, we have combined the most effective techniques and level structures for your optimal learning experience.

We believe that dividing the levels into different number of semesters gives us more time to apply these practices within an 8-week semester.

Our main course books are carefully prepared by Istanbul University scholars. They are specifically designed for adult English speakers. They are available in all level groups.   They come with CD’s and work books. We also support the books with supplementary materials.

What We Are Offering
Communicative Approach Technique
Interactive classroom environment
Cultural activities
Small classroom size
Free supplementary materials supporting our course books
Weekly assignments and feedback
Customized levels and semesters
Games, pair work exercises, and presentations